We not only offer an unprecedented range of workspace resources and laboratory capabilities to support and enhance the quality of your research, but we are leading efforts to transition these technologies from the lab into our daily lives.

Whether integrating drones into the national air space, UGVs on to our roads and the battlefield, or uncrewed surface and underwater vessels (USV/UUV) crossing our maritime routes of commerce, the MATRIX will be developing these capabilities.

In addition to our robust regional resources, as part of the University System of Maryland (USM), the MATRIX Lab has access to the deep, interconnected network of faculty, researchers and infrastructure through USM to support your research objectives.

Through the USM, we have close relationships with numerous federal agencies beyond Southern Maryland, including NIST, NSA, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, NIH, ARL, and many others, making the MATRIX Lab and USMSM a valuable partner to a variety of organizations. Government, industries, and researchers can all partner with us to find mutually beneficial ways to work together, leverage our resources, and support a wide array of research initiatives.

To learn more about partnering with the MATRIX Lab, contact Matt Scassero, Director of Operations and Outreach, at mscasser@umd.edu.