UMD UAS Test Site

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site at the University of Maryland stands at the forefront of UAS rulemaking, commercialization, and national airspace integration. Formed in 2014, test site experts leverage their approximately 150 years of combined experience in military and civilian aviation, engineering, and project management to accelerate the safe, responsible application of UAS in public and private industries.


ArtIAMAS is a cooperative agreement between the Army Research Laboratory, the University of Maryland College Park, and the University of Maryland Baltimore County that seeks to accelerate the field deployment of long-duration multi-agent systems that can perform multi-domain operations and dominate contested, complex environments. The ARL activities are coordinated by the Computational and Information Sciences and Human Research and Engineering directorates.

Maryland Robotics Center

The University of Maryland Maryland Robotics Center (MRC) is an interdisciplinary research center housed in the Institute for Systems Research within the A. James Clark School of Engineering. The mission of the center is to advance robotic systems, underlying component technologies, and applications of robotics through research and educational programs that are interdisciplinary in nature and based on a systems approach.