Labs and Workshops


Interior view Open Air Lab

Open Air-Land Lab

Our 80’ by 60’ Open Air-Land Lab—one of the largest labs of its kind in the country—features a minimum 30’ ceiling for testing air and ground systems, and includes an in-floor water tank for water interface testing.

Fluid Dynamics Lab

Hydrology Lab

Our Hydrology Lab enables researchers to conduct low Reynolds Number research into materials, devices and assemblies. This aids basic research, testing, and evaluation of aerodynamic vehicles and autonomous marine robotics.

Anechoic Chamber

Anechoic Chamber

The MATRIX Lab’s Anechoic Chamber enables the testing of microwave components.

Researchers in UGV Playground

Outdoor UGV Playground

The MATRIX Lab’s outdoor UGV Playground supports the exercising of unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) in demanding circumstances in an open-air environment.

UAS Test Site Staff with UAV

Open-Air UAS Flight

Supported by the University of Maryland’s UAS Test Site at the adjacent St. Mary’s County Airport, the MATRIX Lab already has operating processes in place to fly UAS within the airport environment and other areas.

Student Lab Space

Project Assembly Area

Our Project Assembly Area provides a large work area featuring in-table utilities, with video displays at each workstation.

Electrical Engineering Lab

Electrical Engineering Lab

Electrical and computer engineering offer a broad range of programs and research opportunities. We do have classes in our Electrical Engineering Lab space, and it is open for students to use.

Mechanical Engineering Lab

Our Mechanical Engineering Lab features a small subsonic wind tunnel. It's mostly used for educational purposes, but can be used for small research projects. Wind speeds reach up to approximately 35 mph.

Microelectronics Lab

Microelectronics Lab

Our Microelectronics Lab allows students and researchers to design and prototype circuits and systems.

Design and Production

3D Printer

3D Printing Workshop

Our 3D Printing Workshop features an assortment of 3D printing machines capable of fabricating in both plastics and metals.

Electronics Workshop

Electronics Shop

Our Electronics Shop is for fabricating electronic components.

Interior Fabrication Space

Metallic Machine Shop

Our Metallic Machine Shop enables the fabrication of metal artifacts.

Non-Metallic Workshop

Non-Metallic Machine Shop

Our Non-Metallic Machine Shop enables the fabrication of non-metal artifacts.


Ceiling Trolley

Project Transport Rail

Our motorized transport rail with a one-ton capacity runs the full length of the MATRIX lab.

Roof Antennas Rendering

Rooftop Antenna Farm

The MATRIX Lab’s Rooftop Antenna Farm provides foundation points for the Open Air-Land Lab to support antennas—including communications and tracking—to support external environment testing.

Collaboration Space

Collaboration and Post-Doctoral Spaces

Surrounding the technical work areas, the MATRIX Lab has dedicated collaboration spaces.