Open-Air UAS Flight

Open-Air UAS Flight includes:

  • Consultation for helping partners understand and adhere to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules as well as standard aviation safety and operations procedures
  • Guidance for flying a range of applications and vehicles
  • Rigorous airworthiness evaluations for inspecting vehicle designs, reviewing operations manuals, and evaluating the human factors that influence safety, including pilot proficiency and operations procedures
  • Staff team members for designing and testing tailor-made payload integration solutions and integrating capabilities including software design and engineering, mechanical interfaces, electrical interfaces, and command and control
  • Needs assessments for determining the vehicle, payloads, payload integration methods, and procedures needed to successfully and safely execute a mission
  • Staff team members for developing and executing rigorous testing and evaluation plans
  • Public outreach for educating and demonstrating engineering, technology, liability, safety, and privacy matters related to the integration of UAS into the national airspace
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Lab contact:

Joe Copenhaver