Mechanical Engineering Lab

Lab equipment includes:

  • Engineering Laboratory Design, Inc. small 12” open circuit subsonic wind tunnel for researching the interaction between air and an object flying through the air or moving along the ground
    • Educational and research purposes (Wind speeds reach up to approximately 110 mph, Velocity ranges from 1.5-50.2 m/s or 5.0-165.0 fps)
  • Classroom-oriented lab experiment apparatuses (Osborne Reynolds apparatuses, air flow and hydrostatics benches, etc.) for testing fluids and materials
  • Tinius Olsen tensile testers for determining how strong materials are
    • 25 kN tester for educational purposes
    • 500 kN tester for research purposes and fatigue testing
  • Cutting and polishing equipment for grinding and polishing surfaces after materials are broken
  • Tinius Olsen torsion tester for twisting materials to see when they break
  • Charpy impact tester for measuring a material’s notch toughness
    • Mostly educational purposes
  • Charpy pendulum impact tester for measuring a material’s notch toughness
    • Educational and research purposes
  • Nikon optical microscopes for viewing materials and photographing visuals to be sent to a PC for analysis
    • Educational and research purposes (10,20,40,100X eyepieces)
  • United TRU-BLUE hardness tester for determining the hardness value of various materials
  • Instron Model R.R. Moore High-Speed Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing Machine for putting materials through a complete cycle of flexural stress
  • Fume hood for preventing the release of hazardous substances into the laboratory space
  • Ventilated workstation tables for creating a safe space to do educational experiments
  • Heat convection and conduction for transferring heat and energy
  • Lab air and vacuum for supporting equipment and experiments
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Lab contact:

Bill Malatesta