Open Air-Land Lab

Additional lab features include:

  • Two external doors to allow drive-in/fly-in/fly-out capability.
  • A two level, 40 camera Vicon Vantage V16 camera system with a resolution of 16 megapixels.
  • A portable operations center, protected operations center and a collocated vehicle storage area.
    • Operations center uses Vicon Tracker and Vicon Datastream SDK software to transmit data.
  • RF attenuated 90 MHz-18 GHz (between -10 dB and -30 dB attenuation, depending on frequency) space to allow for GPS and other RF testing.
    • This protects both internal systems and the external airport environment.
  • An in ground water tank integrated into the floor for testing vehicles or systems.
  • A wall-mounted exhaust system to allow combustion engines to operate indoors safely.